• To find your way in the bureaucracy
  • With forms, applications and letters
  • With the immigration authorities
  • With economical problems

Or are you a youngster, feeling alone with your problems and doubts?

Do you find it difficult to find your way in the Norwegian society?

Do you feel misunderstood?

Do you feel that nobody will listen?

You shall not have to tackle your problems and doubts alone. You can call us or visit us at our offices. Here you will get guidance from people from various nationalities – some might even speak your language. We treat your case with professional discretion. Our assistance is free of charge.

Has anybody planned your future – against your will?

Do you have problems in school ?

Do you feel bullied or discriminated ?

Or do you panic just with the thought of difficult forms and public offices ?

We will listen to you and what more:We will try to help you !
We will listen to your problem, no matter big or small. We will ask you what you want to do. Then we will try to help you to do it. What you tell us, we will never tell anybody – if you don’t want us to.

Information about:

  • Rights and duties
  • Laws and regulations
  • The social office, tax-office, health and insurance office, schools, residence permit, family reunion, etc.

Help to contact:

  • Public offices
  • Lawyers
  • Other voluntary organisations
  • “the correct instance”

Practical assistance with:

  • Filling in forms and applications
  • Editing letters
  • Contacting the adequate official in charge of your case
  • Making appointments
  • Accompanying you as support

Selvhjelp for innvandrere og flyktninger (SEIF) is a voluntary and independent organisation, established in 1986. We provide information, help you to get in contact with the right instance and to solve your problems. Our aim is to help our new habitants to find their way in the Norwegian society, and to obtain sufficient information to solve their own problems. SEIF has collaborators with different cultural and linguistic background. We receive annually around 11.000 consultations from more than 100 nationalities.